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We only import beer steins from companies from the "Westerwald" area of Germany, also known as the "Kannenbaeckerland".

The name "Kannenbaecker" has been given to one of the most used stein body forms.

It comes from the German compound word "Kannen", which is the plural from of a drinking pitcher and "Baecker", which is the German word for bakery because the steins made of stoneware have been fired (baked) like bread in the oven.

The Westerwald area is renowned for the quality of its substantial clay deposits, its extensive forests and its reservoir of highly qualified potters. For many hundreds of years these factors have contributed towards the production of valuable stoneware products which have brought fame and prestige to the area for centuries.

 The companies we work with are:

SCHILZ Keramik from Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany


ZOELLER & BORN from Hillscheid, Germany


DOMEX from Hillscheid Germany




The origin of this company goes back to 1661. By that time Wilhelm Merkelbach I.-, the founder, had started producing salt-glazed stoneware on his own. In 1864 Karl Merkelbach III. ran the company under the name KMB III. That name lasted for another 100 years until the company changed the name to SCHILZ. Up until now the company has been well known for their grey and blue salt glazed stoneware even outside of Germany. Among other things, they make the famous and traditional  "Masskrug" steins for several world-renowned Munich breweries for the annual Munich Oktoberfest.


The family owned company Zöller & Born was founded in 1956 by Alois Zöller and Werner Born.
To continue the long tradition in the Westerwald area, they started production of beer steins of high quality, which are created with great care out of genuine stoneware.
The complete development of new models is realized by highly talented designer artists employed with the company.
All relief steins, the specialty of Zöller & Born, are hand-painted and have a valuable pewter lid to make them attractive collector's items.


Domex Geschenkmanufaktur GmbH is a world-wide operating company in the glass, ceramic and porcelain sector with the focus on traditional beer steins. With an annual production of more than 800,000 steins, they are a market leader and cover a complex market segment to their countless customer.

souvenir manufacturer

Amend Souvenir UG, GERMANY

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T-Shirts, shopping bags, coffee mugs


Souvenirworld Handels GmbH, AUSTRIA

T-Shirts, Baseball caps, shopping bags, flags


Stoeckelmaier Souvenir Großhandel, GERMANY

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Baseball caps, hinking hats, hat pins, cow bells, sticker, stuffed animals